Electro Wave - ItaiTaiko - A Little Different (CD, Album)

8 thoughts on “ Electro Wave - ItaiTaiko - A Little Different (CD, Album)

  1. 3 hours ago · Synthwave albums are generally arranged in a style that is similar to a Film Soundtrack, Film Score, Television Music or Video Game Music album. Synthwave began as something of a retro gumbo, pulling from modern house and nu disco music and piling in influences from vintage genres like Euro disco and the original sounds of electro.
  2. Original quality sound, different style and unique rhythms will give you the style you wished to hear. ItaiTaiko has already performed on many parties and festivals around the globe for 10 years! His style is unique and gives us something a little different these days in the scene. Itaitaiko is the project of Itay Berger (aka Kukan Dub Lagan).
  3. Aug 01,  · Genre/Influences: Wave-pop, electro-pop. Format: Digital, CD. Background/Info: With She Hates Emotions, the Blutengel front man Chris Pohl wanted to pay homage to the 80s, a decade he has known as teenager and which has inspired him throughout bands such as Depeche Mode, Camouflage, Human League, Alphaville ao. It also is a new project set up by .
  4. The songs are, within the genre, good, and there's a real drive over the material. The product is in many ways a little bit different than other norwegian bands, not that many explores this musical landscape."Heavymetal. no, June (8/10) "Rebolt plays riff-heated hard rock and have really got the fuse lit with Made in Spite."Musiq.
  5. The new use of electronics in this genre was so refreshing and different from what was going on in the UK commercial charts. This album took me off into the world of underground electronic music, away from all that was commercial. The stand out track on this compilation was definitely Al-Naafiysh which set quite a standard in the Electro genre.
  6. Fully endorse johnkatsmc5's comments. This amazingly hard to find record is my favorite from the seventies. Growing up in NZ I was generally in awe of huge overseas bands, but now, after 20 years in the UK, and having just restored our turntable, I was delighted to find this album still in my collection and awestruck by the moving quality and musicianship of these compositions.
  7. This new production expands the sound catalogue of previous releases and is leading to a new omni-cultural wave of music. It presents a powerful fusion of modern and classical elements. For Enigma fans it would be probably a little different sound comparing with previous albums, but without doubts this is one of the best Enigma albums so far.

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